HDI Home & Commercial Floor & Carpet Cleaning In Cincinnati (513) 221-9609 for free estimate

HDI Home does complete rental turn overs and common area cleans for multi family properties in greater Cincinnati. Whether you need cleaning, painting, carpet cleaning, trash outs or lite maintainence, we are your one stop for all  your property turn over needs. We do it right; every time. Land lords, property investors, or real estate brokers or agents; you can make your property look like new with our affordable property turn over services.

Common Area Cleaning: $15/ Entrance or $20 with tile. Includes free, never ending detail rotation!

Interior Painting:  same color: $100/ room
  Primer/2 coats (colors)/ lighter color: $150/ room.

Carpet Steam Cleaning: $25/ room all inclusive

Detail Turn Over Cleaning:

1 BR Apt.    $75.00
2 BR Apt.    $85.00
3 BR Apt.    $95.00

2 BR House   $115.00
3 BR House   $145.00
4 BR House   $175.00

Price includes 1 full bath; Additional full Bath:  $20.00
Half Bath: $10.00

Extream  Cleans & Trash Out:
$20/ hr per person (40/hr)

Junk Removal $100/ truck load

Office Cleaning: $35/ hr per person

Carpet Steam Cleaning: $25/ Room  No Hidden Charges